What do I actually eat in a day?

I am taking a day off from funny weight loss statements to write about what I eat. I don’t advertise being a low carber but when it comes up in conversation, I always get the question, “If you don’t eat carbs, what do you eat instead?”

Here is my all my food from yesterday – please note, I did work out yesterday in the evening, and I was coming off back to back cardio days from the weekend. Saturday I did a 4.2 mile trail run, and Sunday I rode the road bike about 15 miles. My carb intake goes up slightly depending on my exercising.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs (in butter) with shredded cheese and about half of an orange pepper. Large black coffee

Snack: a few ounces of cashews / peanuts and a string cheese (thanks to my kids)

Lunch (brownbag 90% of the time): premade chicken salad although I didn’t eat the corn – the other half of the orange pepper with a few extra ounces of broccoli/chicken from the day before

Snack (before lifting weights): 3 slices of cheese, scoop peanut butter and half a banana

Dinner: Large iceberg lettuce salad with avocado and oil/vinegar dressing

Snack: cashews /peanuts and a few ounces of grilled chicken (from day before)

Today is more of the same, eggs, grilled chicken, avocado, cheese, nuts. If I find myself at a restaurant for any reason, I just get some type of salad. Even Wendy’s and Subway have good salads. Please keep in mind that my house is filled with candy, treats and sugar. My kids are normal kids and eat normal stuff, I just don’t share it with them!!