People weigh more in the morning, after sleeping b/c of ‘dead weight’


Did I just hear that from someone at my office? Did I just hear that your weight ‘settles’ while you sleep so you should weigh yourself after being up and around for a while…?

This is right up there with the reasoning that cyclists use to drop weight on their bike. ‘Grams = ounces = pounds = suck’. I am not saying that I disagree with any of that, however saving 14 grams by upgrading to titanium bolts is pretty insignificant when the actual cyclist can drop 15 pounds by eating better.

If you weight settles or not isn’t really the issue – that does sound ridiculous though. The issue is that if you are making good choices about your diet, there is no reason to fear the scale.

No more looking for your lightest pair of underwear to get weighed in, no more forcing yourself to go the bathroom before the weigh in…. no more being ridiculous. Let’s just make healthy choices and let the scale say what it will. The scale is just one small tool to help us stay on track to being more healthy.


Off Topic – Climb to Conquer Cancer


This is only loosely related to weight loss and healthy eating.

My company sponsors it’s employees every year to participate in the Climb to Conquer Cancer at South Mountain in Phoenix. The event was last Saturday and for the 2nd year, my son made the 6 mile walk up the mountain with me. It is a bit over 1000 feet of elevation gain. We took the bus back down which is an option for the walkers.

He did great! He’s 6 years old and loves hiking and ‘working out’ with Dad. I never restrict his diet or try to get him to eat like I do. As he gets older he and will talk more about eating and making educated choices, but for now it’s all about him having fun and developing an appreciation for being outside!

“Apple…. Cider…. Vinegar….”


I don’t know what else to say except “wow”.

I was given the tip to drink diluted apple cider vinegar to help with weight loss. I was asked my opinion about the topic and all I can come up with is “wow”.

It might work. Just like HGH might work, and Phentermine might work, and Jenny Craig might work. However I have 2 questions for people considering trying to drink apple cider vinegar:

  1. Why?
  2. Have you recently been hit in the head?

I wonder if fear of success is a factor here? Why do people get stuck out in the weeds with all these crazy ideas? Perhaps we should focus on the easy stuff, the low hanging fruit. Let’s not over complicate how to lose weight. Sugar and carbs cause your body to produce insulin. Insulin causes your body to store fat. The less sugar and carbs consumed equal fewer pounds of fat retained. Pretty simple, just rinse and repeat.

‘Fat people are lazy’


I read that statement in the comments section under an article about why people’s New Year’s resolutions to get in shape are unsuccessful. The comment simply stated that fat people are lazy. Of course it is easy to shame other people from the comfort and anonymous nature of the internet.

I disagree.

I feel that lazy is defined by knowing what you should be doing but consciously choosing to do something else instead. For example, last weekend I had budgeted time to clean my garage after I had made mess working on my motorcycle. Instead, I took that time to sit on my rear and read a book. To me that is lazy, I avoided the hard, boring work for something easier.

If a person that is not well informed on why humans get fat, let’s give them a break before judging them. If someone learns what works for them, but then decides to do nothing, then by all means, that person can be defined as lazy.

Calories in/calories out is widely accepted and very often used as the most basic rule of weight loss. I think it is an over simplification and it is discouraging to people who try to eat rabbit food and kill themselves doing cardio, only to see no results. Or worse yet, they lose a lot of weight, only to gain it all back as soon as the go off their ‘plan’.

In my opinion, people should start with the low hanging fruit. Initially cut out added sugar (and sugar substitutes) like dessert, sugar in coffee, soda etc. After that, cutting out cereals and processed carbs like bread and pasta, etc. We don’t have to go cold turkey. Especially if people have tried and failed before, they are skeptical and don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves when it comes to weight loss.

Let’s be supportive and encouraging, let’s teach and lead by example…. but let’s not judge, shame, or criticize other people when they are trying to make positive strides.

What type of exercise I do

Since yesterday I covered what I eat, today I’d like to tackle what type of exercise I do. I didn’t do a lot of exercising to lose weight. I lost weight then I got serious about exercising. Read about that here: Run to loose weight

I don’t have a gym membership. I am lucky enough to have about half of a garage to dedicate to working out. If I had more space, I would have more equipment, but I don’t so I make due. With just a bench (that inclines up to 90 degrees), a set up dumbbells up to 50 pounds, and a pull up/dip station I can do the following exercises:

Chest – flat bench / incline bench / various pushups / dumbbell fly’s / dumbbell crossovers

Back – pullups / reverse dumbbell fly’s / bent over rows / upright rows

Shoulders – military press / shrugs / various arm extensions

Biceps – curls / preacher curls etc.

Triceps – dips / triceps extensions

Legs – dumbbell squats / lunges

I lift weights in the garage at least twice a week and usually I alternate between 2 different ‘days’. Chest, shoulders, and biceps on the 1st day and back, triceps, and core on the other. I mix in legs as I can but don’t focus too much on legs since I don’t want to be too sore on my runs /rides.

I do trail running and cycling during the weekend, usually one day of each. My trail runs are anywhere between 3 and 6 miles. My mountain biking is typically 15 and 20 miles. My road biking is 20 miles plus. I always start very early so I miss as little family time as possible. I have headlights for my bike and for running, so as long as it isn’t too cold, I am out before sunrise. During the work week I ride my bike on the stationary trainer if the weather is bad, or if its nice I do 1 or 2 quick 15 mile rides before work.

This might sound like a lot but I worked up to this level of exercise and I’ve come to rely on the challenge. Not only does all this working out help with my fitness, but it burns off the work and family stress too! I enter 2 or 3 races/events per year, either running or mountain biking. I enjoy the atmosphere of events, it is almost like a party with a race attached to it!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, don’t try to go crazy with exercise in an attempt to lose weight. If you are anything like me, eliminating the sugar and carbs will allow the weight to drop off very quickly. Once its gone, then it is much easier to get out there and hit the trails!