‘Fat people are lazy’


I read that statement in the comments section under an article about why people’s New Year’s resolutions to get in shape are unsuccessful. The comment simply stated that fat people are lazy. Of course it is easy to shame other people from the comfort and anonymous nature of the internet.

I disagree.

I feel that lazy is defined by knowing what you should be doing but consciously choosing to do something else instead. For example, last weekend I had budgeted time to clean my garage after I had made mess working on my motorcycle. Instead, I took that time to sit on my rear and read a book. To me that is lazy, I avoided the hard, boring work for something easier.

If a person that is not well informed on why humans get fat, let’s give them a break before judging them. If someone learns what works for them, but then decides to do nothing, then by all means, that person can be defined as lazy.

Calories in/calories out is widely accepted and very often used as the most basic rule of weight loss. I think it is an over simplification and it is discouraging to people who try to eat rabbit food and kill themselves doing cardio, only to see no results. Or worse yet, they lose a lot of weight, only to gain it all back as soon as the go off their ‘plan’.

In my opinion, people should start with the low hanging fruit. Initially cut out added sugar (and sugar substitutes) like dessert, sugar in coffee, soda etc. After that, cutting out cereals and processed carbs like bread and pasta, etc. We don’t have to go cold turkey. Especially if people have tried and failed before, they are skeptical and don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves when it comes to weight loss.

Let’s be supportive and encouraging, let’s teach and lead by example…. but let’s not judge, shame, or criticize other people when they are trying to make positive strides.