Went on vacation for a long weekend, did I gain weight?


Short answer, no.

Long answer, maybe I will be up a pound or two tomorrow. After 4 days of visiting family, drinking lots of Jameson and eating 95% of meals at restaurants, I weighed myself this morning and found the scale exactly where it’s been for a long time.

That’s what I love about low carb vs. low calorie. I can eat a 700 calories bacon and egg breakfast or steak salad and not gain weight.

I hear about people ‘blowing’ their diet while out of town all the time. My best guess it that it has to do with feeling deprived or cheated during a diet. Once a vacation or a night out comes along it is easy to think ‘I deserve this’ or ‘I have been working hard, so one little cheat meal won’t hurt’. In my situation, I eat a lot of satisfying food every day so I don’t have that little devil on my shoulder whispering my ear ‘go ahead, do it, eat that whole pizza…’