Now sugar DOESN’T make kids hyper

I just read an article that the myth of sugar / kids / hyperactivity has been disproved. I guess a long time ago it was ok to give kids sugar, then it wasn’t ok, but now it’s good again.

This is more confusing than whether or not we can eat more than a few eggs per week!

Here is my take on it. Since so much sugar is hidden in everyday foods that kids eat, simply giving a kid a cupcake then measuring his activity is far from scientific or conclusive.

My kids love blueberry bagels for breakfast. With 2 working parents, a quick solution is best in my house. Blueberry bagels are a staple. My kids love milk. Not just milk in cereal but milk as a beverage. My kids love pizza and garlic knots. Pasta too. Hot dog buns, waffles… the list goes on and on. Carbs are everywhere and carbs are sugar.

Based on the average kid’s daily carb intake, measuring their activity after a sugary snack is like pouring a glass of water into the ocean to measure the impact on water’s wetness.


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