Off Topic – more success with low carb

My boss just won Biggest Loser!

Ok that is a slight exaggeration – ok that is a huge exaggeration. My boss won this week of our company’s Biggest Loser challenge. The point is that he lost 14 pounds since Jan 9th. What is his secret you say? Well, he is eating low carb! And since I sit right next to him at work, I can guarantee that I haven’t heard any of the following statements from him:

went to the gym today

skipped a meal today

I better go to the potty before my weigh in

I am so hungry

I ate all my calories already for today

dinner consisted of rabbit food and/or microwave meals

I miss carbs

how many points do you think that is?

mmm, gotta love apple cider vinegar

If I hear any of these phrases, I will eat some humble pie. I doubt that will be the case. What is more likely though, he will continue to lose weight, not be hungry, not complain, and not spend hours in the gym.


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