“What’s your goal?”


“I noticed that you are still eating a restricted diet, if you are happy with your weight, what is your goal then?”

Goals are a tricky subject. They can both help and hurt us when it comes to things like saving money and weight loss. On one hand a goal is like a roadmap. We’ve all heard that line before right? Without a goal / map, how do you know where you are headed? On the other hand people tend to set huge goals and get discouraged easily if they are not tracking toward them.

I like to focus more on behaviors than goals. If we do the right things each and every day, the goals will take care of themselves. This holds true with both money and weight issues. I don’t want to say avoid setting goals, but perhaps that goals should be “I want to eat right and skip the carbs everyday for a week” instead of “I want to lose 10 pounds by June”.

Getting back to the question that I was asked over the weekend, I don’t have any weight loss goals at this point, however I do have the continued goal of avoiding sugar and carbs so I don’t backslide into my 38 inch pants!


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