Those BMI numbers are a waste of time

We’ve all heard this one. People griping about how BMI charts and weight ranges based on height are inaccurate, unattainable, and a waste of time.

I certainly agree that different people have different body types, and targeting a weight solely based off someone’s height isn’t a perfect solution. However, if you are overweight, please don’t look at a BMI calculator or weight chart and decide the given range is ridiculous, therefore excusing yourself from doing anything at all.

Some people think that they would look ‘sick’ or ‘unhealthy’ at the weight listed on a BMI chart. If that is the case, then target 5 or 10 pounds over that range. At least you will be going in the right direction.

And yes, muscle is heavier than fat. But most people that claim this fact don’t have anything to worry about!

An example of a Height/Weight chart:


2 thoughts on “Those BMI numbers are a waste of time

  1. healthyweightlossclub February 10, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Yea, I used to think I was one of those people who was a large build who could never get into the healthy BMI category. I was soooooo wrong. I just had to get my habits in line and it worked out. BMI is a range though, so I like your advice to aim for 5-10 lbs. above the healthy weight category. That way, if you get close and still have weight to lose, you are that much closer! Yay! 🙂


    • athorman February 10, 2017 / 10:52 pm

      Thank you. I like your comment about getting habits in line, then it worked out. I had a similar experience, I didn’t pick the goal of dropping 50 pounds, I picked the goal of eating better day by day, and like you, it worked out. 🙂

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