Your body needs carbs…

‘Your body needs carbs to survive’ says the overweight person who is currently on a low fat diet to the skinny person who is enjoys a low carb lifestyle. Pause for irony.

While I generally agree that your body needs carbs to survive, I have an issue with people who use that argument to somehow justify their unsuccessful weight loss. This relates back to a previous post where I commented how sometimes people speak in themes or slogans. They latch onto a phrase or statement that they can use to protect them from having to try something different then they have tried before.

I am aware of ketosis and ketones and all the science that says humans can survive without carbs just fine. In my experience, going low carb is extremely successful and most people do not have to go ‘no’ carb. Everyone is different and everyone has varying levels of tolerance to sugar/carbs/insulin. For me, I can eat carbs that come from veggies, nuts, and cheese with no weight gain. I avoid grains, pastas, and sugar. But I am not telling your what to eat, I am just telling you that if you are struggling to lose weight, cutting the carbs is a great option!

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