Off Topic – Weight Watchers

This is less of a post about a funny weight lose statements, but more of a comparison of going low carb to Weight Watchers.

In 2011 I started a new less stressful role within my company. It was a great time to focus on my health and at a bit over 200 pounds, I knew just where to start. Side note, 200lbs might not sound like a lot, but at 5’9″ it’s way too much for me. I decided to give the online version of Weight Watchers a try after knowing many people who had success.

I jumped in with both feet and the weight came off, I lost about 30 pounds after about 6 months. I felt like I’d learned a lot about portion control so I was comfortable going off the program to attempt to maintain my new weight all by myself. As I am sure you can guess, within a few months, the weight was back. I was frustrated and I felt cheated. I suffered through snacks made up of carrots/celery, rice puffs, and microwave rubber chicken lunches…. I was always hungry and obsessed with points and counting the minutes until my next meal or snack. When the weight was dropping, I was willing to overlook my misery, but once the honeymoon was over, not so much! The worst part? I was PAYING for this privilege!!

Fast forward until the present time. Low carb just works better for me. I lost more weight, lost it quicker, have not been obsessed with food/hunger, kept the weight off easily…. and the best part, no monthly fees!

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