What’s your secret?

‘What’s your secret? How do you make it look so easy?’

While there are no secrets to loosing weight, there is one trick. We might be splitting hair (hairs?) here, but I think it is an important distinction. At the risk of sounding like a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar per year business. Think about the money spent on: gyms, diets, medications, groups, supplements, at-home equipment… it is staggering. Everyone is in search of the next secret. The easy button… the little thing that will transform them into a smaller person.

You heard it here first, there is no secret. To me, secret means something that few people know about and are reluctant to share. However, there is a trick. A very simple trick to loosing weight, easily, quickly and CHEAPLY. Cut the sugar, cut the carbs. That’s it. Everyone has heard of low carb, it is certainly not a secret. It works, no question about it. There is science to back it up, there are countless stories to back it up, and if you try it for yourself, I am confident that you will soon be wishing that you had started sooner.


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