but, but…., but your cholesterol!

In general, I am not an arguer or an antagonist (antagonizer?). I am ok with people having different views and I don’t try to impose my views on others. If someone says something that I believe or know to be incorrect, I don’t feel the need to point it out.

One thing that does rub me the wrong way however is when people make blanket statements without bothering to do the tiniest amount of learning first. Nearly every human is walking around with a powerful computer in their pocket which is capable if accessing information instantly, yet people prefer to speak in themes or slogans!!

When people are shocked that my diet mainly consists of meat, butter, cheese and other rich foods, they immediately express concern for my cholesterol. My blood tests and lots of research confirm that going low carb and only eating meat and fatty foods does not increase the artery clogging cholesterol. I explain it this way; in the absence of sugar /insulin, the fat in foods does not accumulate and plug up arteries…. don’t believe it? ask Google.

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